Fixathon progress update

We have achieved a massive 276 sign-ups so far! Yes, that means we will be plant (atleast) that many trees 🌳. The current plan is to delay tree planting until November 2019, here in the UK the seasonal environment is not currently sufficient to support new 20-40cm sapling growth. We shall be planting Quercus robur (Oak trees) on land where forestry commissions have given permission. Look out for the picture of your tree soon!

Our current predictions say that we will be sending a total of 100,470 emails over the next 365 days! Emailing will commence on the 1st September 2019. You can still submit an email template suggestion here (feature requested by Alex Price) and you can see the city list here (feature requested by Anne-Laure Le Cunff)!

Next steps
The future of Climate 365 is to use our digital protesting model in order to enable more good causes (climate change related or other) to make themselves heard by governments, companies and leadership teams who can cause postive change. First on our to-do list is to integrate with Martin Collignon of to enable local communites in Copenhagen to reach out to their district representatives!

Thank you
We would like to thank each and every person for supporting the Climate 365 movement so far. Thanks to both the Fixathon team and Makerlog (Sergio) for running the event, it has got both of us thinking in a totally fresh way about climate change 🙌

Here's to a whole new wave of eco-trepreneurs 🌱🌲🎉

Katie & James 🌍

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